Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Measures

There is never a convenient time to have cancer. Unfortunately, for the nearly 5,000 people who receive a diagnosis every day, the global pandemic’s impact is delivering a double dose of complexity and heartache. COVID-19 has limited patient access to clinical trials - research that can make a world of difference for those facing cancer.

Cancer won’t wait its turn while the pandemic takes the spotlight. It continues to affect so many today and even more tomorrow. That is why your support is needed more than ever in these unprecedented times.

Gateway for Cancer Research is committed to bringing breakthrough treatments directly to the doorstep of cancer patients—during this pandemic and beyond—by funding clinical trials that better leverage technology like telemedicine, wearables, remote monitoring, and other resources that bring the trial to the patient, not require the patient to go to the trial.

Please be part of this vital effort by contributing to Extraordinary Measures, a giving campaign unlike any in the history of Gateway, helping to ensure all those facing cancer continue to receive potentially lifesaving therapies.

No matter the giving level, you will be directly responsible for providing innovative treatments and hope to cancer patients where they live and supporting clinician-scientists working tirelessly to end this disease. Every donation counts!

At Gateway, 99 cents of every dollar given funds Phase I and Phase II cancer trials. With your support of Extraordinary Measures, you are helping to bring those trials home today.