Support Breakthrough Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer Patients TODAY!

Support Breakthrough Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer Patients TODAY!

By Jeremy Garber at 1 May 2018, 10:58 AM

May is Brain Cancer Awareness Month. If you want to show your support and get involved, choose a day in May to wear gray, and enlist your friends and family to do the same—then let those around you know why you’re going gray in May.  

Gateway is shining the spotlight on the need for more clinical research to provide better treatment options to brain cancer patients TODAY! With support from generous donors, we’ve been able to fund clinical trials that are making strides in the fight against brain cancer, including:

  • As cited in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, and highlighted in the Associated Press and TIME, renowned neurosurgeon Dr. Behnam Badie, MD at City of Hope Medical Center, has successfully used, for the first time, a form of immunotherapy called CAR T therapy to harness a patient’s own immune system to treat aggressive glioblastoma brain tumors. Read more.

  • A Phase I pediatric brain cancer clinical trial using a novel agent called Tumor Paint recently completed. Tumor Paint attaches to tumor tissue and glows under fluorescent light making it easier for surgeons to remove only cancerous tissue while preserving quality of life. Led by Dr. Sarah Leary of Seattle Children’s Hospital, over 80% of pediatric tumors evaluated were found to be fluorescent using Tumor Paint. With Gateway's generous and continued support, Dr. Leary is working on the next phase of the Tumor Paint study. Watch the video here.

  • A Phase I clinical trial led by Dr. Nathan Robison at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles is underway to investigate MEK162, a new targeted drug, in children with progressive low-grade gliomas and certain other incurable tumors. If effective, this will open up an exciting new precision medicine treatment option for a large number of children for whom new and better treatment options are sorely needed. Watch the video here.

Gateway is dedicated to supporting early phase trials where the need is great for research funding, and breakthroughs are so crucial to help courageous patients fight cancer. Thanks to generous underwriting, 99 cents of every dollar Gateway receives directly funds novel patient-centric approaches that provide better treatment options to people with cancer TODAY.  With your help, we can conquer brain cancer in our lifetime!

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