Meet Kenneth: Kidney Cancer Survivor

By Admin at 29 Mar 2017

In honor of Kidney Cancer Awareness Month, we are spotlighting the courageous journey of Kenneth Monarrez, Gateway Associates Board member, who sought out a clinical trail to ultimately beat his cancer.

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Gateway Funded Trial Offers ADAPT Therapy for Advanced Colorectal Cancer

By Admin at 14 Mar 2017

The usual treatment for metastatic colorectal cancer includes chemotherapy, radiation and surgical resection. Unfortunately, the average survival rate has been only 20-24 months. In a Gateway-funded clinical trial led by Dr. Edward Lin, a survival rate of approximately 94+ months was achieved using a new approach called ADAPT – Activate tumor from Dormancy And Potentiate its Targeting.

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Patient-Centric Care: Recovering at Home Following Stem Cell Transplant May Be Best for Patients

By Admin at 7 Mar 2017

Dr. Nelson Chao, the Donald D. and Elizabeth G. Cooke cancer research professor at Duke University School of Medicine, and colleagues recently developed a cancer research clinical trial, with funding from Gateway for Cancer Research, to delve into how and why patient-centric care works, with groundbreaking results.

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