Genetic Risk Factors for Glioma Brain Cancer Revealed

By Admin at 31 Jul 2017

The meta-analysis of nearly 12,500 glioma cases (and 18,000 people without glioma) revealed 13 new genetic markers that are linked to an increased risk of glioma.

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July Is Sarcoma Awareness Month: What Is Sarcoma?

By Admin at 12 Jul 2017

Although rare in adults, sarcoma is relatively common in children, accounting for 15 percent of childhood cancer cases. The American Cancer Society estimates there will be 12,310 cases of soft-tissue sarcoma diagnosed in 2016 (including in both adults and children). Since sarcoma is a rare cancer, many people are unfamiliar with the disease and have not been affected personally. However, many children’s lives have been altered because of this disease, and advances in early detection and treatment could help save lives. This July, take a moment to share a message via social media or speak with your friends and family about this relatively unknown condition.

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Lifestyle Changes Extend Survival in Colon Cancer Patients

By Admin at 5 Jul 2017

Two new studies shed light on lifestyle changes that may lower your chances of colon cancer recurrence while extending survival.

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