Latest Innovations in Liquid Biopsy for Cancer

By Admin at 27 Apr 2017

New research is helping to make liquid biopsies a readily available alternative to invasive biopsies for cancer patients. Traditional tissue biopsies have historically been necessary to make definitive cancer diagnoses, but such procedures are invasive, costly and carry risks to the patient.

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Most Cancer Patients Lack Knowledge About the Latest Treatment Options

By Admin at 24 Apr 2017

Knowledge truly is power, and knowledge surrounding a cancer diagnosis is essential for patients to make informed treatment and other health-care decisions. However, while four out of five cancer patients and caregivers who responded to a recent Cancer Experience Survey said they were satisfied with their quality of care, more than two-thirds cited only limited knowledge of the latest advancements in cancer care.

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High-Dose Vitamin C Therapy Kills Cancer Cells

By Admin at 12 Apr 2017

Researchers have now gained greater insights into how vitamin C may be harnessed to kill cancer cells, courtesy of a new study co-funded by Gateway for Cancer Research.

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Gateway-Funded Trial Shines Spotlight on Young Adult Cancer

By Admin at 4 Apr 2017

Each year, around 70,000 young adults are diagnosed with cancer in the United States, which accounts for five percent of cancer diagnoses in the country. This statistic is six times higher than the number of cancers diagnosed in children, age 14 and below.

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Can Cancer Interception Stop Cancer From Forming?

By Admin at 30 Mar 2017

Part of the challenge of winning the war against cancer lies in treating the disease in its later stages — a point at which many cancers become hard, if not impossible, to eliminate. Cancer interception may change that by targeting cancer at its earliest stages, in some cases even before it starts.

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