Big Advances in Immunotherapy Highlight Cancer Research Month

By Admin at 23 May 2016

Gateway has just approved two new immunotherapy trials. A brain cancer study at MD Anderson will assess if immunotherapy can target a virus (cytomegalovirus or CMV) that is commonly found in Glioblastoma cancer cells but not in normal brain tissue. And, a pancreatic cancer study at Johns Hopkins will assess the effectiveness of combining five treatment modalities (including the promising new drug Pembrolizumab) on patients with aggressive and deadly advanced pancreatic adenocarcinoma.

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Liquid Biopsy Successfully Detects Best Drugs for Treating Lung Cancer

By Admin at 20 May 2016

Along with being less invasive and safer than surgical biopsy, the liquid biopsy is faster, returning results in just three days compared to four weeks for surgical biopsy. The liquid biopsy blood test was also able to correctly identify the genetic mutations every time, allowing the oncologists to select the best targeted treatment and avoid repeat biopsies.

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Newly Discovered Lung Cancer ‘Driver Mutations’ May Respond to Immunotherapy

By Admin at 16 May 2016

Together, U.S. and Russian researchers have identified several driver mutations for lung cancer, which they believe may be responsive to targeted therapies and immunotherapy.

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Air Pollution Raises Cancer Death Risk by 22 Percent

By Admin at 13 May 2016

New research involving residents of Hong Kong found that long-term exposure to fine particles of air pollution—the type released from vehicles, power plants and manufacturing facilities—may increase your risk of dying from multiple types of cancer.

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Go Gray in May for Brain Tumor Awareness Month

By Admin at 11 May 2016

May is Brain Tumor Awareness Month, so if you see lots of people wearing gray clothing, now you know why. If you want to get involved, choose a day in May to wear gray, and enlist your friends and family to do the same—then let those around you know why you’re going gray in May.

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