New Analysis: Biennial Mammography Starting at Age 50 Is Best

By Admin at 25 Mar 2016

Independent research teams published the latest analysis to examine breast cancer screening and the researchers concluded unanimously that women of average risk should start mammography at the age of 50 and get screened biennially.

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New Startup Races to Develop Universal Test to Detect All Cancers

By Admin at 23 Mar 2016

GRAIL, an aptly named startup company launched by biotech company Illumina (the same company that has made DNA sequencing affordable and efficient) is setting out to achieve one of the Holy Grails that cancer doctors and researchers have been looking for – a blood test that could detect all cancers.

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Topical Estrogen May Benefit Breast Cancer Survivors

By Admin at 18 Mar 2016

According to an updated committee opinion from The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), topical estrogen appears to be safe for women with breast cancer (or breast cancer survivors).

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Experts: Non-Drug Therapies Alleviate Pain and Benefit Cancer Patients

By Admin at 17 Mar 2016

Many non-drug options are available for managing pain and other symptoms in cancer patients, but despite their effectiveness they are not as widely accepted as drug therapies.

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Luminescent Molecule Tracks Chemo in Real Time

By Admin at 16 Mar 2016

A new discovery by researchers may help shed light on how chemotherapy works in each patient, as they’ve developed a way to track the treatment in real time.

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