New Insights Into How Hormone-Reduction Therapy Changes Breast Tumors

By Admin at 26 Aug 2016

Aromatase inhibitors are often used to shrink breast tumors prior to surgery, but new research suggests it may be wise to reevaluate the tumor again just prior to surgery to monitor its changes and decide if a new course of treatment would be appropriate.

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Advances in the Science of Light Paving the Way for Improved Cancer Detection and Treatment

By Admin at 24 Aug 2016

Photonics is the science and application of light, and it’s used in everything from communications and information technology to defense and national security to medical imaging. This latter category is playing an exciting role in next-generation health care, including for early detection technologies and treatments that could help in the fight against cancer.

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Novel Chemotherapy Treatment May Kill Cancer Cells With Less Harm to Normal Cells

By Admin at 23 Aug 2016

A new chemotherapy drug has shown promise for treating both childhood and adult cancers with improvements above-and-beyond typical chemotherapy treatment. The treatment involves a novel class of antitumor amphiphilic amines (RCn).

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‘More and More’ Immunotherapy Treatments Are Being Approved, Positively Impacting Cancer

By Admin at 22 Aug 2016

Certain types of immunotherapy drugs have been making significant impacts on cancer treatments since 2011, and five years later they are still a large force in making aggressive and hard-to-treat cancers beatable.

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Physical Activity Reduces Your Risk of 13 Types of Cancer

By Administrator at 9 Aug 2016

Researchers at the National Cancer Institute (NCI) have discovered yet another benefit of exercise: a decreased risk of 13 types of cancer. For seven of those types, exercising reduced cancer risk by 20 percent or more among the most active participants compared to the least active.

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