Discovery Finds ‘Achilles Heel’ in Common Cancer Gene Mutation

By Administrator at 29 Sep 2015

For three decades, researchers have been trying to develop a drug that might inhibit the most commonly mutated oncogene in human cancers.

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Too Much Sitting Leads to 49,000 Breast Cancer Cases a Year

By Admin at 26 Sep 2015

You might be surprised just how strong the association between lack of exercise and breast cancer is...

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Hormone-Disrupting, Cancer-Causing Chemicals in Products You Might Use Everyday

By Admin at 23 Sep 2015

To cut down on your (and your family’s) exposure to hormone-disrupting chemicals, try these 11 tips.

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Gut Bacteria May Reveal Your Colon Cancer Risk (Via a Stool Sample!)

By Admin at 19 Sep 2015

Researchers have uncovered another potential screening tool for colon cancer based on the bacteria in your gut.

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Reiki Therapy Improves Symptoms in Cancer Patients

By Admin at 17 Sep 2015

Reiki has shown significant promise in helping to relieve sometimes-debilitating symptoms in cancer patients.

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