Non-Invasive Test Predicts Pancreatic Cancer Recurrence

By Admin at 23 Nov 2015

Circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) is being increasingly used as a non-invasive way to track a person’s cancer and potentially lead to improved treatment. While tumor DNA has long been used to diagnose cancer via a tissue biopsy, ctDNA is found in the bloodstream and therefore can be detected using a non-invasive blood test (known as “liquid biopsy).

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Lung Cancer Kills More U.S. Women Than Any Other Cancer

By Admin at 23 Nov 2015

Many are surprised that lung cancer is the leading cancer killer among women, because breast cancer is more common. However, although lung cancer is the second most common cancer (excluding skin cancer and trailing prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women), it’s far deadlier than breast cancer.

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Genetic Testing Reveals Men at 10-Fold Increased Risk of Testicular Cancer

By Admin at 20 Nov 2015

Researchers at The Institute of Cancer Research analyzed DNA from more than 25,000 men and uncovered four new genetic variants (or genetic markers) associated with an increased risk of testicular cancer. Testing for these four variants combined with the 21 previously identified genetic variants identified men at a 10-fold higher risk of developing testicular cancer.

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Does Aspirin Have Anti-Cancer Powers?

By Admin at 16 Nov 2015

A new clinical trial has begun in the UK to determine whether aspirin, an inexpensive, widely available over-the-counter drug, may help prevent cancers from recurring.

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100+ New Cancer Driver Genes Identified

By Admin at 14 Nov 2015

If cancer driver genes can be identified, it may pave the way for improved cancer understanding and treatments. Recently, research published in the journal PLOS Computational Biology highlighted an impressive new finding toward this end – the identification of more than 100 new cancer driver genes.

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