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Zinc Could Be a Game Changer for Esophageal Cancer

By Admin at 4 Apr 2018

Researchers believe zinc supplements may be effective in both treating and preventing esophageal cancer, although further research is needed. They also stress the importance of eating a healthy, zinc-rich diet.

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New MRI Technology Reveals Kidney Cancer Without Biopsy

By Admin at 8 Mar 2018

Researchers are developing a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) technology that reveals kidney tumors’ composition without the need for a biopsy.

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World Cancer Day 2018 #WeCanICan

By Admin at 2 Feb 2018

February 4 is World Cancer Day, a day to unite the globe in the fight against cancer.

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Aspirin Reduces Risk of Premature Death by Helping to Prevent Cancer

By Admin at 4 May 2017

Aspirin has long been suggested as a tool to reduce the risk of heart disease in some people, but long-term clinical trials evaluating it for this purpose turned up a lesser known, but equally exciting, potential benefit: cancer prevention.

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Latest Innovations in Liquid Biopsy for Cancer

By Admin at 27 Apr 2017

New research is helping to make liquid biopsies a readily available alternative to invasive biopsies for cancer patients. Traditional tissue biopsies have historically been necessary to make definitive cancer diagnoses, but such procedures are invasive, costly and carry risks to the patient.

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