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Genomics and Its Growing Impact in Cancer Research

By Administrator at 16 Jan 2019

Tumors, just like our bodies, contain genes and other genetic material as a part of their DNA. A genome is an organism’s complete set of DNA. Genomics explores an organism’s behavior at the molecular level, studying how an organism forms and its potential for growth, change, and playing with others. Why does a cell go from being healthy to being destructive? What causes a cell to gravitate towards or away from other cells? What is the likelihood of the cell becoming aggressive and spreading? Will a cancerous tumor’s molecular structure enable it to evade, hide, or disguise to withstand attack from the immune system or resist treatments?

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Support Breakthrough Clinical Trials for Brain Cancer Patients TODAY!

By Jeremy Garber at 1 May 2018

Gateway is shining the spotlight on the need for more clinical research to provide better treatment options to brain cancer patients TODAY! With support from generous donors, we’ve been able to fund early phase clinical trials that are making big strides in the fight against brain cancer.

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Zinc Could Be a Game Changer for Esophageal Cancer

By Admin at 4 Apr 2018

Researchers believe zinc supplements may be effective in both treating and preventing esophageal cancer, although further research is needed. They also stress the importance of eating a healthy, zinc-rich diet.

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Immunotherapy Plays Growing Role in Head and Neck Cancer Treatment

By Admin at 30 Mar 2018

Immunotherapy and novel multikinase inhibitors continue to play an important role for patients with head and neck cancer, particularly as ongoing clinical trials are further exploring these agents.

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