Gateway's Staff

Bringing together decades of experience, the Gateway Leadership Team directs our mission to fund meaningful and breakthrough cancer clinical trials to help people living with cancer to live longer, feel better and conquer cancer TODAY! The Leadership Team consists of several key departments including Executive, Development and Research & Grants. Listed are some of the dedicated individuals who make up our dynamic team.

Michael Burton - President & CEO

Jeremy Alonso - Database Relations Manager 

Jessica Cestone- Executive Director, Gateway Concierge

Mallory Middleton - Regional Development Officer 

Kim Schwartz - Organizational Specialist Assistant

Delora Senft - Director of Strategic Partnerships and Compliance Officer

Natalie Stewart - Chief Advancement Officer

Fund One Day

It costs just $16.56 per patient per day in a Gateway-funded cancer clinical trial.

Help us fund another day of research, another week or more. You can even mark your gift with a special date, such as an anniverary, birthday, wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or graduation.