2019 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

Gateway funds innovative, early phase clinical research centered on one objective: to end cancer as we know it. We’re driven by passion, a sense of urgency, and a deep desire to have a lasting impact for the patients we are privileged to serve. Within this Annual Report, you’ll learn more about the progress Gateway has made during 2019. We hope you will be inspired by the breadth and depth of our mission, and gain an even greater understanding of why we must continue to advance our vital cause, bringing breakthroughs to the bedside for patients around the world facing a cancer diagnosis.

2018 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

At Gateway for Cancer Research, we want what you want: A world in which a cancer diagnosis is no longer feared. In which people living with cancer can feel better and live longer. We want to conquer cancer TODAY – for you and for those you love. We have reached an inflection point in cancer research, when donors like you enable us to venture into brave new territory – the world of new drugs, immunotherapy and CAR-T cell therapies, new uses and combinations for existing drugs, and integrative, patient-centric therapies—that support both healing and quality of life for those facing cancer.

2017 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

At Gateway, it is only and always about the patient. Patient-centric research has been at the core of our existence since our humble beginnings more than 25 years ago, and today we are changing the face of cancer treatment options for many patients on their challenging journey because of this uniquely focused and unwavering commitment to patient-centric clinical research. We celebrated this special year with our widely celebrated Scientific Symposium in New York City, surpassed fundraising goals at our Cures Gala in Chicago, danced in our green suits on St. Patrick’s Day in Palm Beach and sipped wine under the stars in the Valley of the Sun, all of which served to help raise significant funds (more than $5 Million!), and awareness for the critical cause that is so close to our hearts.

2016 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

Within these pages you’ll read about Gateway’s activities over the past year…and our impact over the past 25 years. Today, Gateway is providing funds to support the research of over 50 doctors – more than double the number of clinical trials we funded just two years ago. These doctors have developed hypotheses about new ways to treat cancer. Gateway makes it possible for them to offer integrative new options that help patients to better manage their treatment and feel better. Or combination therapies that help patients live longer. Or immunotherapy approaches that result in tumors melting away. They are all part of our patient-centered approach: to fund meaningful and breakthrough clinical trials worldwide that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer TODAY!

2015 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

Our Gateway mission has always been—and will always be—to fund meaningful and breakthrough clinical trials worldwide that help people living with cancer to feel better, live longer and conquer cancer TODAY! We have a sense of urgency about this mission because people living with cancer need better options NOW! This year marks 24 years in which Gateway has carried this banner on behalf of patients. We salute all those who have enrolled in clinical trials for they are the real heroes—paving the way for all of us.

2014 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

This has been a monumental year for Gateway; 12 new grants have been awarded to innovative cancer clinical trial researchers, bringing our total funding to an impressive 36 clinical trials at premier academic research institutions across the country and abroad.

2013 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

One of Gateway's guiding principals is to support cancer clinical trials the challenge the current research model through outside-the-box treatment innovations that may not otherwise be funded.

2012 Gateway for Cancer Research Annual Report

“Participating in a clinical trial gives a renewed sense of hope, and I am so grateful for Gateway’s perseverance. I feel so fortunate to have participated in this trial; not just for me, but to possibly help find cures that will save the lives of others.” — Michelle Ashby, cancer survivor and mom, stage 4 breast cancer

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