Stacie J. Stephenson

Dr. Stacie J. Stephenson Chairman, Functional Medicine, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Director, Gateway for Cancer Research

Chair, Functional Medicine, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Stacie J. Stephenson, DC, CNS, DABAAHP, FAARM, is a recognized physician and lecturer focused on regenerative, functional, and natural medicine. One of the first female health physicians to offer integrative care to patients in the Midwest, Dr. Stephenson spent close to fifteen years in private practice before she was named Chair of Functional Medicine for Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).

Dr. Stephenson champions holistic, patient-centric care with equal emphasis on conventional and complementary therapies. Dr. Stephenson’s ‘whole person’ approach to disease prevention and healing was ahead of its time, teaching fellow medical professionals and patients across the country how health and recovery are influenced by lifestyle, diet, environment, and even beliefs, long before functional and integrative medicine had become a standard element of patient care.

A renowned lecturer and educator, Dr. Stephenson has shared her expertise with leading hospitals and health advocacy groups throughout the country, speaking about topics ranging from innovations in genomics and personalized cancer therapies, to nutritional strategies that support recovery and long-term management of chronic and other diseases.

Today, ‘Dr. Stacie,’ as she is known informally by her patients, colleagues, and friends, devotes a large share of her time and energy to improving cancer treatment and care, both through her advisory work for CTCA, as well as through her work as a  member of the Gateway for Cancer Research Board of Directors. Dr. Stacie spearheads the organization’s annual Cures Gala in Chicago and is the founder and chairwoman of Gateway’s second marquis fundraising event, Vino con Stelle. Under her leadership, the inaugural Scottsdale gala raised over $500,000, and every year, the Cures Gala generates over $3.5 million with $0.99 of every dollar raised going directly to cancer research.

Cancer treatment and care is one of many causes she supports. Together with her husband Richard, Dr. Stacie is a passionate philanthropist, committed to funding high impact organizations in the areas of children’s health and wellness, poverty, and education. Driving positive change on a global scale is just part of the couple’s mission. Dr. Stacie and Richard are also focused on grass roots advocacy, supporting local and regional causes in Illinois, Arizona, Michigan, and the US Virgin Islands.

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