Kenneth Monarrez - Associates Board Co-Chair
Syniverse Technologies

Shelby Stephenson - Associates Board Co-Chair
Brown Legacy Group

Eric Eckerman - Treasurer
BMO Financial Corp.

Jill Wilson - Secretary
Simple Machines Marketing

Julia Pfeifer - Communication Committee Chair
Eyeview Digital

Catherine Lyman - Communication Committee Co-Chair
Trunk Club

Meghan Garofolo - Donor Engagement Committee Chair

Christi Mayo Turner - Donor Engagement Committee Co-Chair
Northwestern Medicine

Melissa Ciani - Mission Connection Chair

Emmanuel Lopez - Membership and Engagement Co-Chair
Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce

Travis Smith - Membership and Engagement Co-Chair

Whitney Ahrens - Member
American Medical Association

Justin Alden - Member
Medical Search Technologies

Elle Bausch - Member

Danny Cameron - Member

TJ Gilboy - Member
Lakeshore Financial Group

Dana Hassey - Member

Michael Kallabat - Member
Control Risks

Christin Luckman - Member
Guaranteed Rate

Erika Patching - Member

Joseph Van Leer - Member

Corey Walz - Member
Alliance Consolidated Group of Companies

Robert Watson - Member

Catherine Weiner Pfaff - Member

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