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I will be running in the 2011 Chicago Half Marathon on September 11, 2011 in memory of my late grandfather, Kenny Belew, whose passing was likely contributed by his aggressive lung cancer.  Thank you so much for supporting me in my endeavors to run for a very good cause, the fight against cancer.  I appreciate all of your love and support!

Donations to Kastler

Herb & Linda Culpepper$2509/04/11
Amber Kastler$16509/03/11
Ann Halbur$1008/27/11
Linda Conaway$2508/24/11
Stonna Nicholas$5008/11/11
Cindy Angstrom$10008/06/11
Samantha Jones$1308/06/11
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Over 289,000 American women will be diagnosed
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Nearly 40,000 will die.

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