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Funding Process

What The Gateway WILL fund:The Gateway supports innovative and unique clinical trials that have the potential to immediately impact the lives of cancer patients in a positive way. Applicants for clinical trial support from The Gateway should review this site and become acquainted with our movement. The Gateway provides support to investigators who pledge to collaborate with us and to seek treatments focused on saving the lives of today's cancer patients.

What we don’t fund: The Gateway for Cancer Research does not support extensions of conventional or traditional therapies including but not limited to chemotherapy and/or radiological projects or studies in Phase III and IV trials. Also, no pre-clinical, basic or animal research is funded.

We are particularly interested in identifying and funding clinical investigators who:

  1. Have outstanding clinical treatment ideas relevant to today’s cancer patients and are without clinical trial support from the NIH or other cancer research agencies or foundations.
  2. Are driven to deliver new and better treatment options for their patients today through clinical trial studies that are directly relevant to The Gateway’s philosophy, and have collaborated to design novel, new, and/or pilot projects distinctly removed from currently funded research projects.

Who is eligible to apply: Both new and established investigators are encouraged to apply. All established investigators requesting funds should show how their project is a departure from ongoing funded work. New projects may be an extension of other work but cannot overlap any funded studies unless the applicant clearly demonstrates that new funding will not duplicate existing support.

If The Gateway discovers any overlap at any time after approval, The Gateway will require the return of all issued funds. The Gateway’s funds are not intended for use as bridging support for projects not funded by other funding agencies. Rather, the intent of your proposed project should be to provide preliminary data for future support from other funding sources, driving new and better treatment options to market more quickly.

Our initial grant application is comprised of five steps:

  1. Researchers provide information on their background; a proposal for their research and methodology; possible implications for prevention, diagnosis and/or treatment of cancer; and proof of their institution’s ability to support the research project.
  2. Applications are assigned to three members of The Gateway’s Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC) for review.
  3. Each application is independently analyzed and ranked by the three peer reviewers. The applicants who demonstrate that their project is in line with The Gateway’s mission and are approved by the BSC are invited to submit a formal Grant Application.
  4. Once the formal Grant Application is received by The Gateway, the application is assigned to three BSC members. The three BSC members are the lead reviewers at the BSC meeting. After the BSC meeting is held, all of the members submit their score. The Grant Applications that receive a fundable score are presented at the next Board of Directors meeting. 
  5. The Gateway’s Board of Directors reviews the recommendations of the Board of Scientific Counselors, and determines final grant awards. Applicants receive funding, begin their research, and file appropriate progress reports throughout the life of the grant.

All applications not approved for funding will be returned with critiques, allowing researchers to revise and improve their applications as they seek other grants, through different organizations or The Gateway for Cancer Research.

Use of funds: Awarded money will be paid according to results produced. Funds should be used for non-reimbursable approved treatment- and study-related patient-care costs, including extraordinary laboratory and imaging studies and supplies. Funds may also be also be used to support only the portion of salary completely devoted to the approved project by the principal investigator and other key personnel.

Equipment will not be funded, and maintenance of equipment will only be funded if use is demonstrated to be wholly exclusive to the approved project. Such requests will require full written explanation of how this use of funding directly achieves results for patients today. Indirect costs will not be covered. The Gateway’s staff site visit (one to two per study year) should be included within the budget at $1,000.00 per year for the expected duration.

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