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We don't fund cancer research to cure mice. 

We fund cancer research to cure people.

Our goal is to speed research from the laboratory to the bedside to help today's cancer patients.

We believe that life-saving treatments and breakthroughs are just around the corner, but to find these breakthroughs, will take changing how traditional cancer research is being conducted.

It’s time for a change in how cancer research is funded and conducted.

At The Gateway, we live and breathe innovation, and we expect nothing less from the researchers we fund. The Gateway seeks out and funds scientific and medical doctors and researchers from around the world.

 The Gateway for Cancer Research funds Phase I and Phase II  human clinical trials specifically focused on providing cures and treatment methods that extend and improve the quality of life for cancer patients TODAY—not decades from now.

The Gateway for Cancer Research has been fighting the war on cancer for nearly 20 years. In that time, we’ve funded 96 studies—and raised $20 million for cancer research focused on helping patients NOW. 

Today, thousands of cancer patients will hear the words, "there are no more treatment options." That is not acceptable.

Join The Gateway for Cancer Research as we help accelerate the discovery of life-saving treatments and breakthroughs for cancer patients today.

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Worldwide, one million people will be diagnosed with colon cancer in 2014.

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