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Clinical Trial Connector


Clinical Trial Connector: Find a cancer clinical trial information.

Clinical Trial Connector:

Clinical trials are research studies to find new, innovative treatments and cures for cancer. Every cancer is different and treatment options are unique. Over the next several months, The Gateway for Cancer Researchsm will compile cancer clinical trial information to enable cancer patients and their caregivers to make informed choices as they search for appropriate cancer clinical trials that may offer alternative treatment or therapy. It is The Gateway's goal to provide cancer patients with the information to find a clinical trial to meet their personal needs.

 Until The Gateway has launched the Clinical Trial Connector, the following resources on clinical trials is available. The Gateway for Cancer Researchsm does not endorse nor recommend any clinical trials or treatment sites.

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service: A listing of national and international clinical trials. (

EmergingMed : a free and confidential cancer clinical trial matching and referral service.

Government Information on Clinical Trials and Human Research Studies: Clinical trial information for patients, family members and the public maintained by the National Institutes of Health, National Library of Medicine  (

General Cancer Resources:

National Cancer Institute’s website and location of information on over 2,000 clinical trials in the United States.

On Top of Cancer: A nonprofit website that centralizes cancer resources for patients.


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