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99¢ of every dollar received goes to fund cancer research

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The Gateway for Cancer Research is not your average not-for-profit. Thanks to generous underwriting of administrative expenses by Cancer Treatment Centers of America we are able to direct 99¢ of every dollar we receive to cancer research.

What Makes Us Different

Our goal is to speed research from the laboratory to the bedside for today's cancer patients. We believe that life-saving treatments and breakthroughs are just around the corner, but it will take changing how research has been done for decades to find them. We live and breathe innovation, and we expect nothing less from the researchers we fund— our treatment innovatorsSM.

Today, thousands of cancer patients will hear the words, "there are no more treatment options." This is not acceptable. That's why we are creating a movement to inspire individuals and organizations to join forces and create a force for change— a true movement that will hold treatment innovatorsSM and others accountable to help accelerate the discovery of life-saving breakthroughs.


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Where Does the Money Go?

More than 99¢ of every dollar...

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What We Are Proud Of

We pride ourselves on being innovative...

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Clinical Trials

Across the U.S., thousands of cancer patients choose...

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Cancer Facts

Today, nearly 40 years since President Nixon declared a...

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The Gateway for Cancer Research: A Timeline

Throughout our history...

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Research by Cancer Types & Donor-Directed Funds

The Gateway for Cancer...

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99¢: How Do You Do That?

It's common for not-for-profits...

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Our Stories

The Gateway for Cancer Research is driven by...

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"Treatment InnovatorSM" is the term we use for researchers funded by The Gateway for Cancer Research: the men and women we support in their search for better treatments and cures that can help cancer patients TODAY.

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1,500 American people died today from cancer.

1,500 more will die tomorrow and the next day and the next...

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