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99¢ of every dollar received goes to fund cancer research

10 Ways to Demand Cures Today

If you’re hunting for more ways to support The Gateway for Cancer Research, look no further. We’ve got 10 easy ways for you to help Demand Cures TodaySM:

  1. Social Media

    Use social media to spread the word by becoming a Facebook fan, following us on Twitter (and ReTweet often!), viewing our photos on Flickr and sharing them with friends, and forwarding links to our videos on YouTube.

  2. Link Favoriting

    Use link-favoriting tools like StumbleUpon, Digg and AddThis to share links to The Gateway for Cancer Research.

  3. Print our Fact Sheet

    Print our Fact Sheet  and post it in your office’s break room or other appropriate location. (You may want to check with your human resources department first.)

  4. Read the fine Print

    Read the fine print. When you give to any other cancer-fighting organization, ask the crucial question: How much of my money goes to research, and how will it be spent elsewhere? The Gateway uses 99¢ of every dollar received for research; most other organizations spend much of your donation on administrative fees, overhead, creating awareness campaigns, and running other programs that have nothing to do with funding cancer research. 

  5. Suggest The Gateway

    Suggest The Gateway as a worthy recipient of fundraising efforts by your church, synagogue or other religious institution or community group.

  6. Buy a Demand Cures TodaySM T-Shirt

    Buy a Demand Cures TodaySM t-shirt, baseball cap or button and wear it!  The proceeds help The Gateway and you’ll be wearing a portable conversation starter. (And the next time you host a BBQ, wear a Demand Cures TodaySM apron while you tend the grill.)

  7. Get Your Local Coffee Shop Involved

    Talk to your local café or coffee shop about posting the Demand Cures TodaySM fact sheet.

  8. Give a Meaningful Gift

    Give a gift with real meaning: In lieu of the usual gift exchange during the holidays, consider donating to The Gateway for Cancer Research. Give your loved ones cards explaining your donation and encouraging them to consider doing the same thing.

  9. Start a Conversation

    Start a conversation. It doesn’t cost a thing to tell co-workers, friends and loved ones why you are driven to Demand Cures TodaySM. Who knows how many people you can influence?

  10. Speak To Your Local Scouting Organizations

    Ask your local scouting organizations if they’re looking for worthy causes to support. Many troops spend time and energy raising funds for non-profits; why not include The Gateway for Cancer Research?

How will you Demand Cures TodaySM?

These ideas are just a few to get you started; share your own ideas below.


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