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Meet our new Director of Research and Grants, welcome Domarina Oshana, PhD.  Domarina (Domi) joins us to lead Gateway's efforts to fund phase I and phase II cancer clinical trials to find better treatments and cures for today's cancer patients.

Joining Domi is Adriana Rosales, as a Research Grant Specialist. Adriana brings a wealth of knowledge about cancer research.


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Congratulations: The winner of the 2014 Cancer resercher of the year is: dr. Edward Lin, fred hutchinson cancer research center.

The Gateway for Cancer Research is honored to award the second annual Cancer Researcher of the Year Award to Dr. Edward Lin.

Gateway for Cancer Research is proud to announce Dr. Edward Lin of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Dr. Edward Lin 2014 Cancer Researcher of the YearResearch Center as the 2014 Cancer Researcher of the Year. This annual award recognizes Gateway funded researchers who not only advance knowledge, but also enrich the lives of people living with cancer today.

With funding from Gateway, Dr. Lin is leading a phase II clinical trial that restores hope – and life – for individuals with advanced stage colorectal cancer. Observing that cancer stem cells hide and become drug resistant to conventional chemotherapy, Dr. Lin developed a new therapy called ADAPT: Activating (CSCs) from Dormancy And Potentiate for subsequent Targeting. Learn more.

Congratulations: The Winner of the 2013 Cancer researcher of the year is: Dr. Pierre-yves Dietrich

The Gateway for Cancer Research is honored to award the first annual Cancer Researcher of the Year Award to Dr. Pierre-Yves Dietrich.

“We received a tremendous response to our call for nominations as we fielded many applications from top notch researchers at leading research institutions across the world,” said Eveline Mumenthaler, Director of Research and Grants at The Gateway for Cancer Research.

“Starting out with 19 complete nominations, the six researchers selected as Award finalists stood apart with truly remarkable contributions to patient care. What’s more, the finalists demonstrated an unprecedented level of advocacy, support and service for today’s cancer patients,” said Mumenthaler.Dr. Pierre-Yves Dietrich - Cancer Researcher of the Year

"We are so very pleased to award the first annual Cancer Researcher of the Year Award to Dr. Pierre-Yves Dietrich," said Mumenthaler.  "His work represents ingenuity, true scientific discovery and may in fact, affect a paradigm shift in how gliomas are treated. And,  Dr. Dietrich and his team are passionate about the preserving the quality of life for his patients. The Gateway is honored to award Dr. Dietrich with the first Cancer Researcher of the Year Award. He truly embodies the vision and mission of The Gateway for Cancer Research." Click here to learn more about Dr. Dietrich's cancer clinical trial.

"We are honored to have eighteen nominations and six finalists nominated for the first Cancer Researcher of the Year award," said Mumenthaler. "The contributions of all our researchers to finding better treatments and cures for today's cancer patients is truly humbling."

Meet the six finalists:

Listed below are the six finalists for the Cancer Researcher of the Year Award. Click on their names to learn more about their research and their accomplishments.

David Avigan, MD, director, Blood Cancer and Bone Marrow Transplant Program, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston

Dorothea Becker, Ph.D, co-leader, Melanoma Program, University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute

Pierre-Yves Dietrich, MD, PhD, director, Center of Oncology, University Hospital Geneva, Switzerland

Patricia LoRusso, DO, director, Eisenberg Center for Experimental Therapeutics, Karmanos Cancer Institute in Detroit

Larry Kwak, MD, PhD, chairman, Department of Lymphoma/Melanoma, MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston

Omer Kucuk, MD, Medical Oncologist, professor, Emory University, Winship Cancer Institute in Atlanta





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