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Cancer Research Grant Application

The Gateway’s Research Funding Program

Gateway's Vision

The Gateway’s vision is to shape a world in which a cancer diagnosis is no longer feared.

Gateway's  Mission

The Gateway’s mission is to fund cancer research in new drug investigations; novel combination therapies; and, complementary and alternative therapies that will help cancer patients feel better, live longer or be cured TODAY, improves treatment outcomes and restores the patient's quality of life.


Funding Requirements

Gateway has been and always will be focused patient-centered and patient-relevant research! It is important to recognize that we fund research that benefits patients and not science only. The primary consideration in granting support is to improve treatment options and quality of life for cancer patients today. Gateway supports truly innovative, unique, patient-centered/relevant research that has the potential to positively impact the lives of cancer patients at the earliest opportunity.

Gateway funds human clinical trials that are treatment-based and focused on true clinical innovation or novel concepts/approaches. True clinical innovation is defined as a therapeutic approach that potentially changes the course of future therapy. Novel concept/approach is defined as a new combination use or the use of a compound for a different disease.

Believing that patients’ option are fighting cancer though an integrated oncology model, Gateway supports innovative clinical research in conventional as well as complementary therapies.  “Conventional” includes the primary treatments modalities, such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation or other new and emerging treatment modalities (e.g. immunotherapy, targeted therapies, etc).  “Complementary” encompasses therapies such as natural products, mind-body medicine and manipulative and body-based practices. Gateway is always seeking to stimulate cutting-edge research that attempts to combine both treatment modalities.

More specifically, clinical studies funded by Gateway fulfill the following requirements:

• Phase I and II clinical trials
• Treatment study with clinical activity, no safety or pharmacokinetics only
• Traditional and integrative therapies, including
   ο CAM
   ο Novel use of existing drugs
   ο New therapy or drug discoveries
   ο Quality of life
• All types of cancer
• Each study must address quality of life in enrolled patients

Gateway does not fund:

• Placebo only agent arms are not considered
• Basic research and pre-clinical research in animals
• No early prevention, detection,  retrospective or educational studies

In addition to the above, Gateway likes:

• True innovation and novel concepts/approaches
• Intelligent selection of therapy whenever feasible (use of targeted, personalized medicine to identify who may benefit from investigational intervention, such as genetic, molecular targets, etc)
• Funding of new and emerging treatment modalities, such as immunotherapy, targeted drugs and other more nascent therapies, combined with complementary therapies

Proposals or applications which do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.  CAM only studies are considered if they meet the above requirements and should be focused on the accelerating treatment and not quality of life only.


• The grant should contribute to an independent research project and should cover a substantial scientific part of the project
• The criteria to determine the winning project are novelty, feasibility and clinical/patient relevance
• The Gateway Board of Scientific Counselors will evaluate the proposals
• Grants will be awarded at the quarterly Gateway Board of Directors meetings.

The proposal should comprise a project description in English (problem statement/significance of research, objectives, methodologies/strategies, timetable, budget, research data supporting potential success of your project) along with contact information of the applicant(s).

Submission Process:

There is no formal format for the pre-grant application/letter of intent. Please submit all documentation via email to Domarina Oshana, Director of Research and Grants, at: For questions, please call (847) 342-7443.

Pre-Grant Application / Letter of Intent Information:

Through The Gateway’s pre-grant application process, initial study ideas are reviewed for alignment with The Gateway’s stated mission and purpose. By eliminating study ideas inconsistent with our mission and purpose researchers save the time it takes to prepare full applications.

Upon review of information provided in the pre-grant application you will be notified of next steps, including submission of our full grant application for funding. All documentation provided is evaluated by scientific experts serving on our Board of Scientific Counselors.

Guidelines for Pre-Grant Application/Letter of Intent:

The following information is intended to help you format your proposal:

• What difference is your proposed treatment going to make in the life of cancer patients right now?
• What is the sample size?
• What is the total cost, standards of care costs, and additional study costs?
• Provide the appropriate approval for your protocol (IRB/IND), if available.
• If approvals have not been received, what is your timeline for receiving approvals?
• Why do you expect your treatments to work for the patients in your study?
• What is the duration of the clinical trial in its entirety?
• If available, attach the protocol and the budget for the study
• What are the steps a patient goes through once enrolled in this study? (timeline for the whole protocol including standard of care or clinical)
• What will be done for patients with positive results who are near completion or who have finished their treatment plans but are not cured?
• If your proposed treatment requires use of pharmaceutical and/or biotechnology compounds (including monoclonal antibodies), have you secured the manufacturer's underwriting for the supply of these compound(s)?
• How EXACTLY is the Gateway money your receive going to be spent?
• What are the next steps if your treatment results successfully meet this trial's objectives?
• Please describe the machinery to be used in this trial (brand, model, year of make, etc)?

If you have any questions  please contact Domarina Oshana at 1-847-342-7443.


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